Individual Sessions

Power, Vision, Creativity

30/60 min. - $60/$120

Individual insight (psychic, intuitive) and healing (shamanics, energywork) tailored for what you want, need in your life. Mind-body-spirit healing with co-vision questing, messages, energy clearing and boosting.

Truth can only be experiential, through conscious connection to your interior, your inner compass. What do you dream about? When awake? When asleep? The liminal spaces in between?

Experience calm, creativity, healing, manifestation. Know your path, strengths, challenges, the levers of your interior guidance and wisdom, your guides and signposts.

Follow the energy and psychic data stream with me for information and guidance, clear directions, and the power to make things manifest.

Conscious, active connection to your interior voice, your inner compass changes everything. 
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No refunds are available for any reason. These are often wild and intense and before you book, you must be adult enough to know: you pays your money you takes your ride. How you react is up to you. Even if that means you no show. 

If you can't attend, you can pass the session along to a loved one who would be open to some shamanic launch into their lives. Just forward the session confirmation email/text that contains the session date, time, and link.