Kaye Soleil, MPH, offers shamanic journeying workshops and individual sessions in corporate settings, non-profits, start-ups, yoga studios, holistic centers and other places and spaces looking to foster creativity and wellness. 

Kaye is a spiritual cartographer and practitioner of practical applications in energywork, intuition, and a neo-variant of ancient shamanics. She's been in the holistic healing field for over 25 years, a nomadic quest into the living languages-in-motion of spirituality, metaphysics, shamanics, healing modalities, population health, and behavioral science.

Some credentials include a 7-year apprenticeship with the Healix Institute studying and practicing energywork in all its forms, a Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Social Behavior and Community Health, plus study and apprenticeship with dozens of master energyworkers, shamans, intuitives, PhDs, MDs, and other experts in their fields. 

For group and session work, universal, gold standard techniques of all shamanic healers - journeying, energywork, soul retrieval, and song - are integrated. Trans-disciplinary techniques across shamanic cultures worldwide are also woven in including yoga, qi gong, and dance, plant allies work (herbs, aromatherapy, permaculture), population health methodologies, feng shui, and others. 

Kaye has done sweat lodges with Native American elders, pujas with gurus and Hindu-shamanic hybrids, met Mother Vine with Peruvian shamans, DMT launched with alchemists, and had martinis with Robert Anton Wilson after a workshop on cosmic triggers. Her tribe practice comes out of her personal practice and continues to evolve.

She's worked with start-ups, corporations, governmental, NGO, and educational institutions, and thousands of individuals all over the globe. Currently, she practices digitally in the live-streaming space, and locally in the Raleigh Triangle area of North Carolina.

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