Relax, you know what to do. Create, manifest your own magic. 
Take action, your unshakeable interior is your path of wisdom.
Everything in person is on hold, of course, as Covid makes its way through our world. If you'd like to journey via livestream, reach out using the form below. After the mountain sabbatical I moved into an apartment to be in the heart of the NC Triangle, but will be moving to the countryside outside the metropolis in the next few months, and will start up the livestreaming tribe journeys again. In the meantime, you can download the journeying workbook in the Download section (under the Connect tab at the top of this page), plus click through to a high-vibe drumming track. Sending you all love and well wishes . . . surf the waves of evolution, watch the weather, find the joy . . . 

Shamanics at Spiritquest

Ocean Isle Beach, NC, October 25-27, 2019

(Winter 2020 weekend details coming soon!)

New Moon Tribe Shamanic Journey

1-hour experiential intro

Friday 6:30-7:30p

Shamanic Power in Tribe: Launch

2-hour workshop

Saturday 12-2p

Shamanic Power Individual Sessions

25-minute session

Saturday 3:30-5:30p

Sunday 10-1p

New Moon Tribe Shamanic Journey

Come join the Spiritquest tribe as we dream together with the coming New Moon and all the healing, surrender, and creative visions she brings. No prior experience needed. Just bring a pillow, blanket, dark scarf to cover your eyes, notebook & pen/tablet, and a power object that speaks to your healing and inspiration. The Integral Shamanics Primer can be downloaded for free at

Shamanic Power in Tribe: Launch

This 2-hour experiential workshop will be a deep introduction to a core skill of all shamans, ancient and neo. Culturally emancipated, shamanic journeying facilitates access to the power and magic locked inside your heart, brain, body, the power you gave birth to wield. The keys are your desire to cross boundaries, the patience to explore what you’re ready for, and the will to push forward and deepen your dance with destiny.

Power animals, guides, and allies line up inside your mind, waiting for you to invite them forward for messages, visions, and play. No prior experience needed. Shamanic tools are available to everyone who feels the courage and willingness to engage with them. . .

The Integral Shamanics Primer can be downloaded for free at Read as much or little of it as you feel to before the workshop as we’ll be focused on your direct experience rather than the transmission of educational material.

Please bring to the workshop:

  • a pillow and blanket
  • a dark scarf to cover your eyes
  • a notebook & pen or tablet to record the messages and visions you receive
  • a power object that speaks to the healing and inspiration calling to you

Shamanic Power Individual Sessions

Know your path, your strengths and challenges, the levers of your interior guidance and wisdom, your guides and signposts. Mind-body-spirit healing with co-vision questing, messages, energy clearing and boosting, and soul retrieval. Follow the energy and psychic data stream for information and guidance, clear directions, and the power to make things manifest. What do you dream about?

Thank you for contacting Kaye and Integral Shamanics. We'll get back to you as soon as possible . . .
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